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Gas burner and oven in kolkata

Why choose our company to purchase commercial gas burner and oven?

If you are a restaurant owner or planning to open one you must need some good gas burners and ovens which can be used commercially. Our company manufactures and supplies a versatile range of commercial gas burners and ovens all across the country. We also export the products to various countries.

We are a team of experienced professionals who design the best quality energy efficient gas burners and oven.

The range of products our company offers

Our company has a wide variety of commercial gas burners and ovens. In gas burners and ovens we offer all kind of possible ranges. Come to our showroom or visit our website to see them. The single Chinese burner range sold by us is one of its kinds which is our special offering. whereas All these equipment are manufactured according to the standards set and tested after manufacturing.

Best company to purchase this equipment

We have been in this industry for a long time and we know what the customers’ needs are. Experience is the greatest asset and we have it. You can visit us in case of any need regarding the commercial gas burner and oven and we never let you go disappointed. Our company has such a huge variety of these commercial gas burners and ovens that you always get what you want. All these equipment are made following all the security guidelines and standards thus you do not have any second thought about the safety point of view.

About our products

Our products are best of their kind. The exterior design of our gas burners and oven is extremely amazing and have the perfect colour combination which makes them look very lavish and excellent. They enhance the overall look of your kitchen. We offer all our products in various design patterns and colours. Our single gas burner range is a high demand product due to its look and feasibility to use. Our Research and Development team works very hard to design the best structure for the Gas burners and ovens which is both convenient and stylish. As in the restaurant, the gas burners and ovens are used frequently and to a very high extent, thus they are designed to bear this load smoothly and easily. The three burner range is perfect for your kitchen which helps you to do the cooking really fast and easily.The body of the gas burners and ovens are made with fine quality stainless steel, brass and aluminium and have a smooth surface finish. The burner is designed in such a way to bear high pressure and ensure a better thermal conductivity. They also have MS coated pan support and strong Bakelite Knob which can be operated smoothly. If we talk about Tandoors then our sqare tandoor is just ideal for making tandoor dishes.

We continuously try and experiment to offer you the best quality and design for products we sell. The round tandoor is highly popular among the customers due to its eye-catching design.

During the manufacturing of our products, we follow all the safety measures issued by the government so that your security never gets compromised. Once the manufacturing is completed, our skilled team members test them on various parameters to ensure their efficiency. The product is delivered to you only after it passes all the tests. All our products come with detailed instructions on how to use and maintain them. Still, if you find any problem then you can freely call in our helpline cell and get the remedy for your problem.

Product Performance

The gas burners and ovens sold by us are highly durable and long-lasting.The two burner range is ideal for restaurants which have been just started. Once the burner or oven reach into your kitchen, they perform really well. You can easily notice their effective performance. The gas burners and ovens are fuel and energy efficient means they do not waste the LPG/electricity unnecessarily. Thus they prove to be beneficial for your pocket in long terms. If you want to resell the product, they are suitable for that also as they have excellent resale value. Our four burner range is a perfect example of it which lasts long with a good resale amount.

All the customers who have purchased our products in past are very satisfied with the product performance. In case they need more such products, they move towards our company only. The customer trust and faith in our company clearly indicates our excellence in our offerings.

After sales service

Once you purchase our product, a team of professionals come to your place to assemble the product perfectly and help you with the functioning of the product.

Regarding the fact how amazing the product is, it still needs some maintenance after some time. Our company offers excellent after sales service. For this, we have a very friendly team of professionals who listen to your issues and complaints regarding the product. After listening to your issue, they try to address it by best manner possible. Our helpline services are opened 24*7. Thus you can call us anytime if needed. If the problem can not be resolved over the phone, a team of skilled professionals is sent at your place on the same day to do the needful. Our effective customer care services never let you feel the inconvenience. For us, the customer is our God and we practice every measure which is for the benefit of our customers.

About the Cost

We believe in quality over quantity. Earning profit has never been our motive. Thus we have priced our products at a very reasonable cost. We have a range of products available from low to high price so that customers from all income group can purchase our products. We also sell dosa hot plate which is perfect for making dosa fast and have a reasonable price.

You can also get discount and cost reduction while the purchase. We also provide attractive offers and deals time to time in order to make our regular customers happy. Here it is to be pointed out that the quality of the product is never compromised to cut its cost. We are known for providing amazing quality at a bearable cost but we never use the lower quality material to reduce the cost. The puffer and hot range sold by us has been made with excellent material.

If you are searching for really good gas burners and ovens which are to be used commercially then you should definitely visit our company. As you have read they are excellent in their kinds and you will never find this awesome range of products at such a reasonable cost. We have a variety of all pockets and minds thus give us a chance and you will definitely feel the difference.

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