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Display counter in kolkata

Looking for Display counters? We are here to serve you

Are you planning to start a shop for selling items? We are here to help you. Any shop or business is incomplete without the display counters. It’s the soul of the business. Experts come up to a conclusion that often people gets attracted towards the things or food items which are displayed in the showcase or transparent counters. There are numerous benefits of the display counters in the shop and it does not require much effort to set up. It can store products and keep them dust proof. Also, it offers an attractive look for the customers.

Whether you have a large shop or a small we have all types of display counters to make your place a customer friendly. We offer a variety of designs from circular to the triangle and different levels of display counters. These display counters come with different features like cooling and heating for the item stored. If you are looking for food display counters then we are one of the best sweet display counter manufacturer in the area to offer right one for you.

Below mentioned some of our best display counters varieties:

Forced air display counter

The display counter equipped with fans in order to maintain cooling inside the counter. Fans are mounted in such a manner which circulates the cooled air all around the counter. It’s highly beneficial for the bakery shops so as to maintain a certain cool temperature to keep food items cool. We supply various designs of forced air counters for our customers as per their requirement and need.

Gravity coil counters

This counter is manufactured with the cooling coils which are fitted on the top of the counter and provide cooling directly to the food kept beneath. If you are running a meat shop, then gravity coil counter would best for you. It’s been designed with different shelves to keep the raw meat, seafood, salads separately. Customers can have their required number of levels on the counter as per their need. We provide good quality glass display counter so as to display the food items beautifully.

Features in our display counters

Quality Glass – Glass is the main part of the display counters which enable the customer to know what the things available in the shop. We understand the importance of transparency of the items of the shop so our experts choose highly trusted glass for manufacturing display counters. With the simple shapes to bend glass counter, we offer every design of glasses in the display counters.

Variety in size– Whether you have a small shop or a large one, we will get the right size display counter to serve your customers. Most people prefer adjustable counters which can be moved from one place to another inside the shop, we offer lightweight counters which can be easily shifted.

Number of Shelves– When it comes to serving a variety of the items, shop owners choose display counter with more number of shelves. You will find large space shelves in our company to store all the showcase items beautifully. People who run restaurants often need display showcase for restaurants which have shelves with both heater and cooler so, we will provide such combined counters.

Style – Shops are not boring now, they have become a place to visit and have sweet memories with your family and friends and when it’s a food or bakery shop, its converts into a gossip place. What has changed the ordinary shop to an exciting place, Yes, its display counters. Because of their stylish look customer gets attracted and buy items. They know that food item kept in these display counters is fresh and healthy. We provide a variety of styles in the display counters whether its glass display showcase for sweet shop or pizza display counter.

Lighting– Lighting inside the display counter not only let the customer see the item clearly but gives a beautiful look to the shop in the night time. You can have different color lighting in order to enhance the appearance of the food items. The more beautiful display counter you have, the more chances to attract customers.

Why are we the best choice for business owners?

We are serving shop owners and business people for years and have a great experience. With our latest technology display counters, business gets a good start and offer build trust in their customers. From small to large display counters, we offer every style of counters which can be used in all types of shops and keep the item fresh for longer time.

The glasses used in our display counter not only provide transparency to the items but also helps in maintain inside cool temperature. Once you keep the items in the display counter you can be relaxed as our counter will keep it safe from germs and insects. As we use top quality display counters, shop owners do not have to worry about its repairing for years.

Shop owners often look for display showcase for restaurants with temperature regulator facility and we are here to provide such high-tech display counters. We always strive to deliver best quality counters to our customers so that they can have a good profit in their business. No matter which shop you are starting we will help you give the right type of display counter that will suit your infrastructure.

Those who are buying display counter for the first time, they can visit our place and our experts will suggest you the best type of counter as per your need. We not only deliver display but also help in installing in the shops. You can simply contact us through call and we assure for better communication from our end. More than making money we strive making good relations with the business owners as we deeply understand the value of customers and to serve them better is our topmost goal.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, and start your shop with our latest technology display counters and take your business to a next level.

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