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Commercial refrigerator in kolkata

Choose our commercial refrigeration for your brighter business future

Commercial refrigeration plays an important part in any shop. It not only stores the food items for a longer time but creates a good impression on the customers. We understand the importance of a customer so we design a wide range of commercial refrigerators for the people. Our designer expert offers latest trendy refrigerators which offer an elegant look and attracts more customers.

We are a reputed name in the commercial refrigeration field and assure people to provide trusted chillers. Our team supplies latest technology chillers in order to save electricity of the owner and maintain a cool temperature inside.

Some of the varieties of the commercial refrigerator we offer are:

Bar Bottle coolers

In most of the restaurants or bars, it’s important to maintain chilled drinks for their customers. With the bottle coolers, you can keep a large number of bottles chilled for a longer time. Its completely designed for the bottles and offers an attractive look to the customers. The shop owner can easily place the bottles in the single door vertical chiller and because of the transparent door customers can easily choose their drink without opening it. We are one of the leading manufacturers of bottle coolers and provide as per size customize coolers for our customers.

Reach-in Freezers and Refrigerators

Those who sell food products or bakery items can choose our Reach-in Freezers and
Refrigerators as these are manufactured with triple door facility and have large inside space to store the items. We offer transparent as well as steel doors refrigerators to give a stylish look to the shop. These are manufactured with high-quality steel to so that our customers can use them for years without any problem.

Walk-in Refrigerators

Walk-in Refrigerators are very large refrigerators in which you can roam around to store the shop items. Mostly these are preferred by the large restaurants and food companies which need to store food items for a longer time. Our specialized Walk-in Refrigerators contain various shelves and separate sections for the bottles. You can store almost everything you want in these giant refrigerators.

Serve Over Counter

If you are planning to start a grocery or meat outlet shop, then you must choose our Serve Over Counter. Its designed with a transparent glass which offers a stylish and trendy look to the shop. Customers often get attracted towards such counters and like to buy items from the shop, so if you want to display the items beautifully with name labels, then you can choose our Serve Over Counter. We provide different shapes of four door vertical chiller as per your needs.

Under counter Refrigerators

This is one of the most common refrigerators which are often used by the shop owners to keep the medium quantity of items. These are small in size and can be used as a counter in the shop. Both single and double door vertical chiller are available with us and you can choose any type you want. The cooling systems used in all of our refrigerators are based on the latest technology which enables our customers to have the best service and for a longer time.

Pastry Or Bakery Display

As per the research, shops become more attractive with the commercial refrigerator and when its completely transparent, it makes pleasing to the eye. Pastry Or Bakery shops often need to show their best food items to the customers and our two door worktop chiller will help them showcasing them in a right way. Our team has developed various designs in this type of refrigerators in order to match with the looks of the shops and make customers easy access to the food items.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Refrigerated Prep Tables can be used for the shops where you need to keep stuff in the separate sections but cooled. We provide more than three door worktop glass door chiller for the shop owners with the portable facility. Such refrigerators are preferred by the bakery shops and pizza shops where they need to keep it fresh for a long time

Why choose our refrigeration chillers?

We are serving shop owners and businessmen for years and understand the importance of customers. Our top quality refrigerators not only store the item fresh but also offer a stylish look to the shops. In today’s time where customer trust buying items from the refrigerator counter shops and we help to maintain this trust. As per the needs, we offer one, two, three-door worktop glass door chiller to the people to keep their items cool.

We have refrigerators made up of trusted stainless steel which resists rusting and maintain lower temperature no matter whats the temperature outside. Whether its three door worktop chiller with two OHS or food display counter, all are prepared with good quality packing doors which does not allow hot air move inside the refrigerator.

Refrigerators have become an essential part of any shop or food business to maintain the freshness of their stuff and with our trusted machines you can serve healthy items to your customers. We have a wide range of chillers like – Worktop drawer chiller with back flash, four doors vertical chiller, four door glass door chiller, etc.

Refrigeration is not limited to the cooling of the items but has become a stylish part of the shops. It improves the interior of the shop and offers a good impression of the owner. People always love to visit shops where they care the items with the refrigeration systems, this means getting a refrigerator is a key to attract more customers. The more you invest in the business and its product quality, it will result in the great progress of it.

If you are buying chillers for the first time, then you can visit our place and our professionals will help you in selecting the right chiller for your shop. You can have any type of refrigerator as per your shop requirement and we will be more than happy to serve you. Our professionals will guide you to operate the refrigerator in an effective way.

Contact us and start your shop with latest chillers to grow your business with surety!

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