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Kitchen Equipment in a restaurant or food business is an important segment.
we valve your hard earned investments and business expectations

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As a managing director, Mr.Anup Das is responsible for the business development and restructuring the business planning for the company.He brings himself 9 years of hardcore sales and marketing experiences and has worked with some of the big whales of the industry.

Mr. Monotosh Das, another Managing Director of the company is responsible for the In House Production, Process Management, and Developing of New Key Accounts. He has been in the kitchen Industry since a decade and has been involved in various production processes and new innovative and efficient kitchen related products.

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A very crucial area in the food business industry has a major importance in developing a reputation of Hotels, Canteens, etc in the hospitality division.

A place where experience and ecstasy of the chef helps in developing new exotic flavors and lip smacking delicacy. As kitchen helps developing new dishes and delicacies, better customized and well operative equipments helps developing fine kitchens.

We at Shibam Appliance manufacture world class kitchen equipments for your commercial and industrial kitchens, with fine quality machineries and skilled staff members we can development anything you may require for a fully functional and operative kitchen.

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